IWC Ingenieur steel NOW SOLD

IWC very rare HS3 military SC52

Rare Pouzait escapement

Longines split seconds timer

Rare gold IWC Zodiac NOW SOLD

Jaeger split seconds chronograph with counter

Rare gold 2 train calendar watch

Omega military pocket watch

Vacheron deck watch with up & down

Chinese market verge

Electa chronograph

IWC hunting case.14 carat gold

Patek philippe gold hunting case

IWC gold hunter as new

Rare virgule escapement with alarm

Montre de tir

Gold top quality Huening pocket watch

Gold full calender quarter repeater

Gold chronoscope

Silver verge from Aubert

Hamilton military 24 hour dial

Longines minute repeater 18 carat gold

Leroy paris Ruby Cylinder repeater

Speed the plough silver verge

Giant Movado purse watch PULLMAN

Unusual 12/24 hour dialled pocket watch

Vacheron Constantin Chronometre Royal in Gold

Silver hunting cased split seconds chronograph with minute counter

Silver IWC 1st classe Beyer zuerich on the dial calibre 57

Zenith alarm tulla silver

Digital pocket watch

Gold Movado with mother of pearl dial

Rare gold chronograph with minute recorder from the centre NOW SOLD

Longines split seconds chronograph with minute recorder in 18 carat gold

Split chronograph in 18 carat gold NOW SOLD

Alex Huening chronograph in 18 carat gold

Silver IWC

Silver chronograph

Montre de tir Longines

Niello school watch.

Montre de tir Longines

Silver Omega

Niello chronograph

Minute repeater with split second & minute counter

Pair cased cylinder watch

Swiss watch for the shooting contest(montre de tir) in Luzern from 1939

Gold centre seconds chronograph NOW SOLD

School watch 49.9mm

One handed swiss verge

Gold verge 18th century

silver chronometer Auguste ericsson/Ulysee Nardin

Niello cased school watch

Rare 24 hour dial Omega

Gold leroy chronographwith 60 minute counter

RARE gold Virgule with regulator dial

Minute repeater from Le Phare

14 carat gold chronograph.

Le coultre minute repeater

School pivoted detent chronometer

Adam and eve automaton

Gold hunting cased chronometer

Swiss signed Ruby Duplex

Silver verge alarm .

Mint condition large silver world time pocket watch

omega 60.8

Rare 18 carat gold minute repeater with 3rd hand

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Zenith alarm tulla silver

Excellent original condition

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